Thursday, November 06, 2008


So if you're not on board with yet, it's basically like a mini blog. Instead of crafting a well-written blog, you can just sort of blurt out whatever is on your mind. They call it "micro-blogging." You can follow me on twitter under the username TessK.

Tuesday, I was kind of busy working, but managed to blurt out a few things.
Here is a collection of my twitters from ELECTION 2008:

Got in line to vote, wait was going to be 1 1/2 hours. But then some guy said 'names h-o this way' & it was a line with 2 people in it. Wow.

Got my free chick filet with I Voted sticker. Line was long but moved fast. Now off to get free Starbucks. List of free stuff on

Hey natl news: MO cities always report later than rural areas. It will be too close to call until STL and KC report

The crowd goes wild as cnn calls Ohio

I twittered a couple of other things that apparently got lost in a technology mess.... but I remember saying something about "I will always remember where I was at this moment. the announcement of "President Barack Obama" on the loudspeaker, and then the roar of the crowd."

CLICK HERE to watch my interview with Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver as he discusses the historic significance of Barack Obama's run for the White House.

AND NOW WEDNESDAY... the election is over.

Hope hangover. My friend Bob's account of the watch party we attended last night:

CLICK HERE to see my story from the day after the election, as a church group in Kansas City celebrates this historic victory for Obama and for civil rights.

I keep hearing people say we woke up to a new day, a new America. I don't want the sun to set on all this Hope. The rays feel nice on my face.


Sarah J Clark said...

I heart Twitter and TKO! =)

bigBADbobby said...

Thank you for sharing your election night with me!

bigBADbobby said...

If not for those damn spotlights on 71 I'd be a Cleaver Believer.