Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sign Swapping

A Riverside man has been driving his neighbors crazy. He's got an Obama sign out in front of his house one day... then the McCain one is out the next day. He's an amateur artist and the signs are his own creation. He says he's the quintessential undecided voter, and changes the signs whenever his leaning changes. And he also enjoys the fact that he's the talk of the breakfast crowd at the local Corner Cafe down the street. Sometimes he'll leave one candidates picture up with the other candidates name... just to make people wonder.

This story was so much fun to shoot because Jeff was so funny... he had me and photographer Steve in stitches the entire time we were there. He said anyone who doesn't like his sign flip flopping can "just go paint their own signs."


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Aimee Schlueter said...

Cute story...or shouldn't I say cute...I was told never to refer to a truck or a motorcyle as cute...is that true as well in journalism.