Monday, October 06, 2008

Halloween is coming...

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I stumbled across this online article today and I really enjoyed looking at kids home-made Halloween costumes. See, I was actually pretty worried that a home-made costume was a fading tradition. Why bother making something when you can buy some cheap plastic garbage bag with Spider man on it?? I mean, it comes with a cheap plastic mask!!

My mom made our Halloween costumes every year. I have very fond memories of Halloween and I know that some of those fond memories are because we always had fun coming up with some wacky Halloween costume. I was two when my mom plopped a popcorn bowl on my head and called it R2D2. I think I was four the year mom dressed me up in a wig and make-up and bam! you've got Olive Oil. One year I was a princess with a big tall blue princess hat, and it poured rain Halloween night. The blue cardboard hat left a blue ring stain on my blonde hair. Ahhh... memories. Yeah, I know they didn't look perfect, but nothing you can buy in a store will beat my popcorn bowl R2D2.


Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on the Halloween costumes. My parents couldn't afford going out and renting us or buying us costumes. We rummaged through old clothes or new clothes or whatever and made awesome costumes. I was a China Doll one year, Cheerleader, Scarecrow one year, etc....You can't beat the ring of blue in your hair!!! YIKES!!!

Carrie (Sella)

Donovan said...

You must have grown up close to where I grew up, because it rained EVERY Halloween when I was a kid. My dad found a clown suit perfect for me at a garage sale once, and I went as a clown for the next 5 years. But I do remember a pic of me in a cheap plastic Cookie Monster mask, so I can't rip the cheap plastic too much.

bigBADbobby said...

I think I see a new nickname coming out of this... Tess2D2.

"Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope."


Aimee Schlueter said...

HA! I too am making halloween costumes this year...I have been trying to do it more often...HOWEVER, depending on the costume, making it could cost more than just buying at the store

Jenny V said...

Aimee and I were Pac Man and Monster ("Blinky") one year. My parents spent hours cutting up furniture boxes they salvaged from Jack Robinson's, framed with wood cut in our garage, painted yellow and red on our kitchen table. The La Crosse Tribune took a picture of Aimee in her Pac suit and used it at the beginning of an article. (We were dismayed because they cut off her legs to make it look just like Pac Man, not Aimee in a Pac Man suit.) The only problem was that there were no arm holes in the Monster costume, so they had to help me with the candy (which means they skimmed off the top, humpf.)