Thursday, July 30, 2009

A trio of interesting stories

I worked on a couple of interesting stories this week.

First, police are now working with a new tool that they hope will prevent domestic violence victims from becoming homicide victims:

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A local woman who started an orphanage in Africa is working to get local kids involved in helping those kids half a world away. And over the weekend, some orphans got the chance to tell those caring kids, "thanks."

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And today, a story about neighbors working to help out neighbors. In an economic slump, people who lost their job may not be able to spend money on upkeep of their home. Neighborhood associations are recognizing that and hoping people take advantage of tool lending library programs:

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KC Bands playing the blues

Some local musicians are worried that a music industry crack down on bands will stifle live music events in Kansas City. Actually, I believe he says it will "kill" live music in Kansas City.

They say BMI (a group that says it collects fees to pay musicians for performance of their work) is demanding large fees from small businesses, even without proof that copyright law has been broken. But BMI says it is just enforcing the law.

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