Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Soldiers Dream Come True

A metro soldiers dream is coming true because Fox 4 viewers are helping make it happen. You might remember the story I did earlier this month about a soldier who wanted to bring Olathe's Patriots Run to Afghanistan, but needed help to get it done. Thanks to the story we did on Fox 4.... that help came pouring in. THIS is why I love my job... helping people do amazing things in their community:

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Woman from Afghanistan gets US business lessons

Afghanistan is changing... things are improving in many ways. But the Afghan women are still struggling for equality. That became apparent to me when I was setting up this story, about an Afghan business woman who is working with a Lee's Summit woman who owns her own business, getting tips and lessons about things like setting up business plans. The Afghan woman didn't feel safe showing her face on tv though, because she said it's likely she could be beaten or killed if she went back to the states and someone recognized her. It's amazing to me that she's standing up to all the forces in her world that are telling her "no... you can't do this because you're a woman." But she's doing it anyway. It's a good reminder of all the things we take for granted as women in America.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ink Interview

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Ink interviewed me for a story about "behind the blogs"

Here's the article (CLICK HERE) if you want to check it out!! Click on the links to check out other bloggers interviews too!!

And if you're a new reader, welcome!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting for their Urban Farm

I did this story yesterday about a farm called BadSeed Farm -- the property is in Kansas City off Bannister and State Line Road, and it's zoned for some agriculture use, even though it is in a residential area. The farmers have 125 different kinds of vegetables and herbs, and say they want to use the land to provide nutritious, organic food for themselves and others. There is actually an "urban farming" movement that is growing in popularity, and the farmers have a lot of support for what they're doing.

But some neighbors are upset saying it's gotten "out of hand." The garden is very large, but well maintained. The farmers call it natural and beautiful. But neighbors say it's not a personal garden, it's a commercial farm, because they sell the food from a storefront in the Crossroads.

But it's not the garden that has some people riled up. The neighbors are upset because there are three goats on the property, which they say isn't legal. Thursday morning, the farmers are going in front of an appeal board with the city, hoping to keep their goats.

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The city ruled against the farmers... saying they don't have the proper space needed for livestock. The goats will have to go within the next 7 days. For now, their garden is legally within the zoning requirement, but I've heard rumblings that the city may be looking further into that too. The farmer's fight may not be over yet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Military Innovations in Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth will have an important role in developing the latest technology for soldiers in the field. The new Edge Innovation Center opened Tuesday in Leavenworth. It's the fourth Edge location in the country, and the group is already developing technology that helps soldiers do their jobs, and can even save lives. The next great innovative idea could come from soldiers in Leavenworth.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Soldier on a Mission

Today I got to witness a very happy homecoming... a soldier being reunited with his family after a long deployment. But after a few hugs and kisses... he was a man on a mission. He's one of the organizers of the local Patriot's Run that takes place on 9-11 in Olathe. When he was deployed in Iraq he started a race there. Now that he's back from Afghanistan, he's got people there fired up about doing a race. But there's no budget for it, and it's coming down to the wire.... he needs sponsors... he needs money... he needs shirts printed and shipped. He figures he has about ten days to round up support for this run in Afghanistan, or it might not happen.

How about it Kansas City? Know anyone who can help?

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ink Interview

Monica Watrous from Ink (a KC Star publication) just interviewed me for a story about local bloggers. It was strange (and fun too!) for me to be an interviewee instead of the interviewer! I'm looking forward to seeing how the story comes together, and I'll make sure to post a link here when they publish it.

Former KC cult TV icon in the news

People who grew up in KC know "Uncle Ed" from the Channel 41 Treehouse show for kids back in the 70s and early 80s. But they may not know he left KC for Florida in the early 80s, and he was convicted of sexual battery of a 14 year-old boy in 1986. He now lives in South Carolina, and a local blogger Midtown Miscreant is raising concerns about Ed's youtube site... because it seems to be attracting kids. If you want to see the youtube site for yourself, you can find a link on MM's website.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORY I did with MM's Mark Smith about his blog and his concerns about Uncle Ed's access to kids.