Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting for their Urban Farm

I did this story yesterday about a farm called BadSeed Farm -- the property is in Kansas City off Bannister and State Line Road, and it's zoned for some agriculture use, even though it is in a residential area. The farmers have 125 different kinds of vegetables and herbs, and say they want to use the land to provide nutritious, organic food for themselves and others. There is actually an "urban farming" movement that is growing in popularity, and the farmers have a lot of support for what they're doing.

But some neighbors are upset saying it's gotten "out of hand." The garden is very large, but well maintained. The farmers call it natural and beautiful. But neighbors say it's not a personal garden, it's a commercial farm, because they sell the food from a storefront in the Crossroads.

But it's not the garden that has some people riled up. The neighbors are upset because there are three goats on the property, which they say isn't legal. Thursday morning, the farmers are going in front of an appeal board with the city, hoping to keep their goats.

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The city ruled against the farmers... saying they don't have the proper space needed for livestock. The goats will have to go within the next 7 days. For now, their garden is legally within the zoning requirement, but I've heard rumblings that the city may be looking further into that too. The farmer's fight may not be over yet.

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Marti said...

Hope they can find a suitable home for the goats.

Good story! All the best to you.