Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sign Swapping

A Riverside man has been driving his neighbors crazy. He's got an Obama sign out in front of his house one day... then the McCain one is out the next day. He's an amateur artist and the signs are his own creation. He says he's the quintessential undecided voter, and changes the signs whenever his leaning changes. And he also enjoys the fact that he's the talk of the breakfast crowd at the local Corner Cafe down the street. Sometimes he'll leave one candidates picture up with the other candidates name... just to make people wonder.

This story was so much fun to shoot because Jeff was so funny... he had me and photographer Steve in stitches the entire time we were there. He said anyone who doesn't like his sign flip flopping can "just go paint their own signs."


Monday, October 06, 2008

Halloween is coming...

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I stumbled across this online article today and I really enjoyed looking at kids home-made Halloween costumes. See, I was actually pretty worried that a home-made costume was a fading tradition. Why bother making something when you can buy some cheap plastic garbage bag with Spider man on it?? I mean, it comes with a cheap plastic mask!!

My mom made our Halloween costumes every year. I have very fond memories of Halloween and I know that some of those fond memories are because we always had fun coming up with some wacky Halloween costume. I was two when my mom plopped a popcorn bowl on my head and called it R2D2. I think I was four the year mom dressed me up in a wig and make-up and bam! you've got Olive Oil. One year I was a princess with a big tall blue princess hat, and it poured rain Halloween night. The blue cardboard hat left a blue ring stain on my blonde hair. Ahhh... memories. Yeah, I know they didn't look perfect, but nothing you can buy in a store will beat my popcorn bowl R2D2.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Deaf KU Soccer Star

A KU women's soccer player is the first deaf student-athlete on campus. She's a star on the team because of her amazing scoring ability, but she's never heard the crowd cheer for her.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weeding out controversy

Local Botanical Garden gets caught up in the middle of some political "dirt."

According to the Chicago Sun Times, back in 2001, then State Senator Barack Obama gave some grant money to a supporter to build a garden, and that garden never got built. The Illinois Attorney General is now investigating. The Garden is called "Englewood Botanical Garden."

Thing is, there's an Englewood Botanical Garden here in Independence, Missouri. And when you do a Google search for "Englewood Botanical Garden" the local garden's website is one of the first to show up. So... guess who has been getting a bunch of angry phone calls the last several days?? Russ Lawrence wanted to talk about it today, to set the record straight: