Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Second Chance School

Does any kid aspire to fail, or dream of throwing their life away?

Kids who get kicked out of school are often discarded on the streets, with no where to go. But Genesis Charter School is offering something called a Virtual Academy, a place for kids to go to keep up with their education. I was really impressed with how motivated the kids were... motivated to learn, to catch up, to prove they can finish school.... They're just kids. They make mistakes. But that doesn't mean they're unteachable or unreachable.

I spent several days hanging out at Genesis Charter School and Mr A's Virtual Academy. The result is this in-depth sweeps piece:


Special thanks to Big Bad Bobby for connecting me with Mr A so we could tell this amazing story of kids getting that second chance at an education.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Elderly Man Attacked

I don't think I violate any kind of journalistic integrity by saying that there is a special place in hell for people who victimize the elderly and children. Can we all agree that beating up an old man for money is wrong? Because if we can't... then I don't think we can call ourselves a civilized society.

Harold was incredibly brave to share his story with the media today... he warns everyone to lock your doors at all times, because sadly you never know when someone will yank you out of your car and start beating you up for your wallet. Behind the swollen eyes, stitches, and cuts and bruises, you could see a very warm smile, and it made me sad that someone tried to beat that out of him.

CLICK HERE to see the story