Monday, November 10, 2008

Brooke Investigation

I spent a little more than two months working on this story. It's probably the most intense investigation I've ever worked on, because every time you'd peel off one layer of the onion, there would be 10 more layers underneath.


The main video is my investigation, and then the sidebar video is the story I did today talking about the current state of Brooke. The Special Master in charge basically says there's nothing left to do to save Brooke, and at this point they're just winding down operations to close up shop for good.


Sarah J Clark said...

Well done, Tess. As always, well done!!

Seraphine said...

i hate when companies do bad things and then fire their whistleblowers for trying to make things right. companies should encourage their whistleblowers, give them all whistles and kazoos and bonuses whenever they uncover fraud, waste or a better way to run the company.