Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keeping one man's passion alive

Stories like this remind me of one of the reasons I love my job: telling the stories that make you feel connected to the human condition, honoring the humanity of every individual. Friday I did a story about a family who started a foundation to help provide musical instruments to low income kids. They did it in memory of a man who loved music more than anything, and died too young from a brain tumor. It's called Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs; here is a link to the foundation's website:

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY STORY about the foundation's recent donation to a local school.

My brother died in a car accident, and my family felt it was important to start a scholarship fund for kids going to college to study film, to keep Jason's memory alive through his biggest passion: movies. So I understand how helpful and rewarding it is for families to do these kinds of things in honor of their loved ones.

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