Monday, September 21, 2009

Flu bug hits KC Rep Theater

Friday, my fiance Nate and I saw the KC Rep Production "Into the Woods" and we both thought it was just terrific. The sets and lighting and costumes were all top notch and the acting and singing was all superb. So I was pretty surprised when I found out that many of the actors have been battling bugs, and Sunday the Rep had to cancel one of its shows because an actor was too sick to go on.

CLICK HERE to see the story I did about the Flu hitting the Rep

I did a lot of theater when I was younger and through my college years. I remember one Christmas show I was one of the lead characters, and I caught a horrible flu. I was secluding myself backstage and putting on makeup at home to avoid contaminating other people. But there was one performance that I literally walked off stage and threw up immediately. Finally, I had to call it quits, and the director had to call a stand in for me. I was so upset, but everyone knew I was giving it my all, and just had no more to give. So I know what these actors are going through and how hard it is on them. I wish them all good health since they have time off today to recover. Whoops... I mean BREAK A LEG!!

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