Saturday, August 23, 2008

Emmy Nomination

A story that I did with photographer Jon Haiduk got nominated for a regional Emmy. It's a huge honor to be nominated.

If you want to see the story CLICK HERE and click on the video link to watch the story.

And as a special bonus to you, my loyal readers, here is some video of me getting tossed around in a Hummer. This footage was taken also at Ft Riley while we were out shooting our story, but it didn't make the cut in the story.


Babalu-Aye said...

It's quite easy to see why you received this nomination. I wish you success in winning the Emmy. Reportage this comprehensive and informative should be rewarded.

...and you guys get to have all the fun on the Hummer tumbler...

duke said...

nice job baby!!

kentonjan said...

That was indeed an amazing story - well written, reported and shot. I remember seeing this earlier when it originally aired and thinking "what a good story". Hope you win (but the nomination alone is a great honor) - good luck.

Love, Mom & Dad (no bias here, you and your photog really did a great job on this one, and yeah, the Hummer must have been an interesting experience!)