Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bus Riders Stranded

The snow and blizzard-like conditions caused major delays for all bus routes heading north from Kansas City.


When I first got to the bus depot this morning, the people were being told the buses might leave that evening, but by the time I got there for my live shot at 6pm, they were being told that bus routes were being suspended "indefinitely" or at least until Monday. And Greyhound was not offering these passengers refunds because they bought "non-refundable" tickets. I'd just like to point out that many of these passengers were low income and can't afford to just say "oh forget it, I'm taking the train." They can't just take a cab to the closest hotel until their bus finally leaves. Many of these folks were en-route from Texas or Oklahoma, so they don't have friends or family to stay with. These folks are truly STRANDED.

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