Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More coverage of Tiller murder

I talked to a former friend of Roeder's who fanned the flames of some of the pro-life rhetoric going around now about Tiller's murder, namely that it's "a shame it didn't happen sooner." It's not included in the story, but I did ask her about the pro-life groups denouncing Tiller's death and she said that because they profit from abortion being in existence, they don't really want it abolished, and that's why they sympathize with Tiller.

My story also included our interview with the KCK clinic employee who was also familiar with Roeder, from his protests at the clinic. He carries a gun and said if "they" want to take this fight to the streets, he's ready to do that.

Today's story kind of worried me about the future of any abortion dialog in this country.

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