Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My work

So... hi again. I had hoped that my myspace blog would serve as a way to show my friends and family what stories I've been working on, especially when there's a story I think they'd be interested in or a story I just enjoyed doing. But MySpace has this nasty habit of breaking links to (where my stories would be posted.) Since the links don't work there, I thought I would try posting the links here on blogger instead.

SO... tonight I did a story about an urban swim team that is now treading water to stay alive. Its funding source is being forced to make cuts, and the swim team is on the list of cuts. The only thing that could save the team now is private donors stepping in.



great said...

Any talk of them doing some kind of fund raiser?

Tess said...

They only recently found out about the loss of funding.